For over 125 years, Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns stand for non-electric, warm-white light made in Germany.

The special design of the Hurricane Lantern renders it so unique – and a reliable light source for your garden in any weather. With its extremely temperature-resistant and shatterproof glass, the Baby Special 276 is an utterly reliable light for emergency and orientation. Its calm flame pattern will guide you at all times, wherever you want to enjoy your evenings outside.


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Storm lantern Baby Special 276Storm lantern Baby Special 276
Sale priceFrom 32,00 €
LED Lantern Baby Special 276LED Lantern Baby Special 276
Sale priceFrom 59,00 €
Battery Baby Special 276 LED (rechargeable)Battery Baby Special 276 LED (rechargeable)
Lamp oilLamp oil
Sale price8,00 €
Reflector screen for Baby Special 276Reflector screen for Baby Special 276
Sale priceFrom 15,00 €
Gift set Baby Special 276 - AmbienceGift set Baby Special 276 - Ambience
Gift set Baby Special 276 - BalanceGift set Baby Special 276 - Balance
Gift set Baby Special 276 - ProtectionGift set Baby Special 276 - Protection
Transport bag for Baby Special 276Transport bag for Baby Special 276
Glass Baby Special 276 frosted
Sale price10,00 €
Glass Baby Special 276 clearGlass Baby Special 276 clear
Sale price8,00 €
Burner with wick for Baby Special 276Burner with wick for Baby Special 276
Sale priceFrom 8,00 €

Choosing the right light

Kerosene lantern vs. LED lantern

Light has the amazing ability to influence our mood and atmosphere. It can tell a story, provide warmth and immerse us in the moment. In search of the perfect lantern for your unforgettable moments outdoors or indoors, we would like to present two unique lanterns:

The classic Baby Special 276, which is powered by kerosene, and the Baby Special 276 LED lantern, which draws its luminosity from the latest LED technology. Both offer unique advantages that are suitable for different requirements and preferences.

Find out now which type of lantern is right for you!

BabySpecial 276: The classic with kerosene

This lantern is more than just a source of light. It is a piece of German craftsmanship with a history dating back to 1893. If
you appreciate the rustic charm of kerosene lanterns and are looking for reliable,
electricity-free light, the Baby Special 276 could win your heart.

Baby Special 276 - The classic with kerosene

Here are some advantages of the classic:

Electroless light - Discover the Baby Special 276 here.

Ideal for outdoor use

Place the Baby Special 276 anywhere on the balcony, terrace or in the garden to create cozy lighting accents.

Reliable, currentless light

The Baby Special 276 requires no electrical power and therefore provides an independent light source for outdoor use.

Long burning time

The Baby Special provides up to 20 hours of light with just one tank of fuel, and its flame remains stable even in windy conditions.

Robust design made in Germany

The Feuerhand kerosene lanterns represent quality made in Germany since 1893, a long tradition of German craftsmanship and reliability. Their robust design made of galvanized sheet steel and impact-resistant glass offers protection against corrosion and knocks.

LED lantern Baby Special 276 Tradition meets modernity

For those looking for the best of both worlds - tradition and innovation - the Baby Special 276 LED lantern is the answer. It combines the timeless design of the Baby Special 276 with state-of-the-art LED technology. Energy-efficient, infinitely dimmable and versatile - this lantern is ready to bathe your rooms in a new light.

LED lantern Baby Special 276 - tradition meets modernity

Here are some highlights of the LED version:

Simple light - Discover the Baby Special 276 LED lantern here.

Ideal for indoor use

The LED lantern is ideal for use indoors and for placement in other locations protected from moisture.

Infinitely dimmable

You can adjust the brightness continuously from 2 to 150 lumens to create the perfect atmosphere, whether for cozy evenings for two or for more intense lighting.

Long light duration

With up to 18 days of illumination, it is perfect for longer social evenings without having to constantly change the batteries.

Timeless design made in Germany

The LED version combines timeless design with state-of-the-art technology. As a reinterpretation of the classic kerosene lantern, it also benefits from many years of German craftsmanship with the same quality standards of durability and robustness.

Feuerhand inspirations

Ready to give your home a new sparkle? Our blog posts are packed with inspiring ideas on how to cleverly integrate our Feuerhand lanterns into your decor. Discover how to play with light and atmosphere to transform your home into a true oasis of well-being.

Your home, your rules - find the inspiration you need here!

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