Our history

Feuerhand Brand Story

Our history

Feuerhand Brand Story

Feuerhand - for shared moments surrounded by light and warmth

Feuerhand is for you and your loved ones: It is your brand for moments of conviviality, for shared evenings around the campfire, for intimate conversations in the lantern light, for the conscious enjoyment of the moment and for an atmosphere that decelerates you. Our products give your outdoor oasis the necessary extra, fill it with light and warmth and create sociable and special cooking experiences. With our products you can turn your balcony, your terrace or your garden into your individual retreat, which will ensure relaxation for you and your guests and let you forget everyday life.

As a traditional German brand, Feuerhand has been bringing people together around light and flame since 1893. From the beginning, the idea of an independent, robust and enduring light source met the spirit of the times. The Feuerhand storm lantern became an indispensable part of life. It spread its reliable light in private as well as in public areas without electricity and in its early days it was even firmly integrated in people's everyday lives as construction site or bicycle lighting.

Even today, the Feuerhand storm lantern of the Baby Special 276 series is manufactured almost identically in Germany. Over 130 years of experience show us that we need products that will stand the test of time. Therefore, due to the durable approach of the Feuerhand storm lantern and its well-designed functional principle, it is still in line with the current spirit of the times. Today, our storm lantern spreads its unique, bright light in the gardens, terraces and balconies of lovers of timeless, reliable exterior lighting.

Motivated by our sense of tradition and innovation, we value the things that stand the test of time, while constantly developing new ideas to adapt classic products to modern demands. Even though many things have changed since 1893, one thing has remained the same: The awareness that shared moments with our loved ones, which make us forget everyday life, are something precious. Our timeless, functional products allow you to celebrate the small but special moments in your life and make them precious memories.

In addition to the long-lasting light of the Feuerhand storm lantern, you can also lose yourself in the impressive flames of the further developed Tyropit fire bowl or the Pyron fire barrel without disturbing smoke. With the Feuerhand Pyron Plate, you can spoil yourself and your loved ones with culinary specialties and give your evenings full of conviviality even more pleasure.

Feuerhand - a quality brand with a long tradition

The origins of the Feuerhand storm lantern lie in a small plumber's workshop, where Herrmann Nier built lanterns among other things in the 1870s. In the course of industrialization, large factories replaced the small manufactories. Therefore, in 1893, Herrmann Nier decided to establish a production facility for storm lanterns together with his brother Ernst Nier.

Five years later, the founded production plant was bought by Frankonia, Albert Frank Metallwaren. Under the management of the Nier brothers, it continued to operate analogously until Hermann Nier went into business for himself in 1902 with his own storm lantern factory "Hermann Nier Feuerhandwerk".

For the first time in this year, he applied for the Reichspatent for lantern production by means of folding and punching technology, which provided for a soldering bath and thus replaced hand soldering.

In 1914, the trademark "Feuerhand" was registered as a German Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster (DRGM) for all products. In 1920, the round Feuerhand emblem was added to the trademark.

In 1933 the first Feuerhand lantern of the Baby Special series saw the light of day. The lanterns of that time were equipped with fireproof borosilicate glasses made by Schott from Jena. The Baby Special 276 has been produced since 1989 as the only model of the cold-air lantern.

Feuerhand has been part of the Petromax Group since fall 2014. The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 has since appeared in many colors that can be integrated into your individual garden, balcony and terrace design. Even today, the Baby Special 276 is manufactured almost identically at the German site in Schleswig-Holstein and fitted with the break-resistant and fireproof glasses from Schott. As before, the Feuerhand storm lantern is made in Germany.

The German history of tradition, which began in 1893 for lack of electricity with the production of lanterns for everyday use and as construction site lighting, offers you today stylish and timeless products for your oasis of well-being. Feuerhand combines sustainable quality work with modern demands and leads people today, as in the past, to a place of relaxation with fire, light and barbecue enjoyment.