Feuerschale Tyropit

Relax smokeless

Relax smokeless

Would you like to enjoy social moments in your garden undisturbed and invite your neighbors instead of annoying them? With Feuerhand, relaxing together by the fire is possible without compromise. With the revolutionized fireplaces from Feuerhand, modern design is ideally combined with the demand for an efficient and low-smoke burning method. So evenings, surrounded by light and warmth, become an unforgettable moment of relaxation for you and your guests.

Flame light without a shadowy side

On cool spring and autumn days, balmy summer evenings or even in the frosty winter months - a warming fire that gathers people around it gives us precious moments that are all about the here and now. When designing our fire pits, we focused on efficient and low-smoke burning. With the Tyropit fire bowl and Pyron fire barrel, smoke fumes are reduced and nothing stands in the way of an unobstructed view of the glow of the flames.

Low smoke, how does that work?

The high-quality fire pits made of pure stainless steel have a sophisticated air supply system. By the ingeniously positioned ventilation openings is ensured for a continuous oxygen supply . At the same time, any flue gases produced rise in the double-walled body and are directed out and burned directly with it. This so-called secondary combustion principle reduces the smoke development and ensures a clean and low-soot combustion of the logs. So you canget a low-smoke campfire in your garden with both the Tyropit and the Pyron.

Relaxed enjoyment thanks to less smoke

Serene evenings around the fire become even more relaxed. When the Tyropit fire bowl and the Pyron fire barrel become the center of the social gathering, you will always have a clear view thanks to the low smoke emission. Even in a quiet atmosphere all to yourself, you can watch the dancing flames and let your thoughts drift. Flames on - everyday life off! Free of haze you get your money's worth and also with your neighbors no more dark clouds draw up thanks to the low-smoke combustion . Come and relax with Feuerhand!

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