Sturmlaterne Baby Special 276

Serene urban jungle style for balcony and terrace

Gelassener Urban Jungle Style für Balkon und Terrasse

Finally, the days are getting longer again and the green variety of palm trees and exotic plants can be found not only as a vivid motif on walls and interiors, but also outside on the balcony or terrace.

With the Baby Special 276 Teal Blue spring arrives in the Urban Jungle furnishings of your outdoor living area. The turquoise-green shade, inspired by the color play of the sea and the jungle, fits equally well between natural tones, such as beige or brown, and refreshing shades of green. Thus, it can be combined with natural materials such as wood or raffia and provides contrasts and refreshing color in the outdoor living room amidst greenery.

Urban Jungle: Relax and recharge in the mini-jungle at home

Out of the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, into the feel-good oasis at home. If you like greenery in your home, you can simply bring the jungle home to your balcony and terrace this spring. Tropical plants and invigorating shades of green create a fresh ambience that gets us in the mood for the warm season and invites us to spend carefree hours outdoors. In this way, you can easily create your own urban garden with evergreen Urban Jungle plants for a natural environment. natural environment environment.

Surrounded by light, enjoy the spring: The new Feuerhand Baby Special 276 Teal Blue

The outdoor home comes to life in spring, the flowers begin to bloom and now it's time again to experience relaxing moments with warm white light and cool drinks.

With the Baby Special 276 in Teal Blue the first warm evening hours can be savoured, because the kerosene lantern produces once filled a reliable light for up to 20 hours. Wrapped in a blanket, people still like to read outside in the light of the lantern and take a break from everyday life or enjoy the perfect cocktail moment. A cocktail gently flooded with Blue Curaçao directly letsvacation feelings move into yourown garden .

Teal Blue combines soothing blue and invigorating green to create an inspiring hue. Whether in the wild herb garden or on the stylishly arranged patio table - the turquoise green nuance invites us to recharge our batteries and enjoy the calm flames of the storm lantern .

Teal Blue also becomes a highlight in your outdoor home in summer. Combined with colors like signal yellow or magenta, fresh looks are created that no garden party should be without. This transforms the terrace or balcony into a favorite place for relaxed conversations and social gatherings with friends and neighbors.

The Baby Special 276 Teal Blue provides a sea glow in the home garden or on the evening terrace as independent outdoor lighting and gives you warm white lantern light throughout the garden season.

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