Feuerhand in allotment garden

Feuerhand im Schrebergarten

Anyone who thinks an allotment garden is just something for grandparents is far from the current trend. For a long time now, there has been a growing awareness of the environment and nature. Sustainably minded people of all generations are drawn to the outdoors. The topic of self-sufficiency with a character of independence is becoming more and more important. Vegetables and ornamental plants are tended and fruit harvested in the beds of allotment gardens. Families with children, couples, flat-sharing communities and groups of friends experience the allotment garden as their own oasis in the open air. With Feuerhand, you can consciously enjoy your green sanctuary and create relaxation from everyday life.

A bright light at the garden gate

The allotment garden is experiencing a renaissance and is for many a source of energy that allows a successful balance to everyday life. Here, peace reigns and you yourself determine your individual daily routine, surrounded by fresh greenery and the invigorating colors of blooming flower beds and fruit bushes.

You can live your claim to sustainability here. In raised beds and small greenhouses, you can plant a wide variety of vegetables and harvest them for your late summer dinner in the allotment garden. To enjoy the evening hours to the fullest, you don't need electricity, because with the Feuerhand storm lantern Baby Special 276 you provide reliable light at your garden gate. The storm lanterns fit right in with your sustainability standards, as they have been produced in Germany for over 125 years and come to you packaged plastic-free. They'll provide long-lasting, reliable illumination for your garden path and bright accents on your leafy patio.

A bright idea for sociable garden evenings

Most allotment gardens have a stand of trees that have already reached a good height. For special moments or small garden parties, you can take advantage of the cozy, protective atmosphere of the shady treetops and branches. With a picnic blanket, a few cushions, a canopy or a hanging chair, you can create a romantic cozy corner under the green canopy. With your garden furniture and elements made of natural materials and restrained color accents, you'll create a cozy Scandi outdoor dining area. You can hang as many Firehand storm lanterns as you like from the tree branches to really brighten up your garden party in the dark evening hours. With the cozy play of flames in the Pyron fire barrel or the Tyropit fire bowl, no guest will be too cold and your social evening can end in a relaxed manner.

Comfortable warmth and crackling light moments on your veranda

For ease and relaxation, especially in the evening hours, a warming island in front of your gazebo. Highlights made of rattan, sisal or linen and blankets and cushions in soft colors bring the right feeling and the trendy Natural Living style to your veranda. The Feuerhand storm lanterns in subtle tones and with their warm white light color help you to enjoy your lovingly created resting place to the fullest even after sunset.

For those crackling moments on evenings that never want to end, light the Tyropit fire bowl or the Pyron fire barrel. Watching the soothing flames play, you can simply let time pass while you sit comfortably in your rattan armchair. You don't have to go inside to read your latest book yet, because the fire will warm you up and you can enjoy the absolute feeling of nature until the last moment. At the same time, you don't have to worry about unpleasant smoke, because both the pyron and the tyropite are particularly low-smoking in the way they burn. So your allotment garden remains free of annoying smoke and you do not disturb your garden neighbors.

Lightness with style

We simply can't get enough of natural colors. They radiate the harmony and tranquility that we often lack in everyday life and are the ideal basis for your retreat. Whether soft beige or delicate gray tones, subtle color nuances create a vacation flair in your garden oasis. Unobtrusive and with ease, they cast a spell over you and bring serenity into your life.

The timeless trend focuses on restraint with light tones and natural fabrics. Warmth and light round off the deliberately discreet but atmospheric ambience. Natural and sustainable materials such as wood and glass are also a must, because environmental friendliness and a sense of responsibility characterize the zeitgeist. This is how you create a place of well-being and your own personal natural area to recharge your batteries and unwind.

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