How to make your terrace fit for spring

So machst du deine Terrasse fit für den Frühling

How to get your terrace ready for spring

The first warm rays of sun make the early bloomers sprout. Now is the time to get your terrace or balcony out of hibernation, beautify it for relaxing hours together with friends and family and create a feel-good place where you can draw strength, whether in the trend color Sage Green or your current favorite color, give your terrace or balcony your personal touch with our tips.

Turn your patio into your outdoor living room: It only takes a few simple steps toprepare your patio or balcony for spring. We'll show you what to look out for when getting your patio ready for spring and what accents you can use to keep it cozy and fresh.

Your terrace in spring: 5 tips for your favorite outdoor space

1. Clean the terrace and set up garden furniture
Clear your patio or balcony of dirt, dust, and leaf debris. The best way to do this is to sweep the floor with a broom. For coarse dirt or discoloration from moss or lichen, you should use natural cleaning agents or vinegar essence, depending on your patio floor. Continue with the seating furniture on your terrace or balcony. You can now take them out of their shelter and clean them. If necessary, you can treat them with a suitable mild furniture oil, depending on the material (rattan, teak), so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Also check the seat and couch covers and replace them if necessary.

2. prepare the fire bowl or fire barrel

The first cozy evenings are already within reach. So it's best to prepare your Tyropit fire bowl or Pyron fire barrel for use on your patio by taking them out of their protected shelter.

Thanks to the matching cover hoods, the feel-good mode is quickly established. In just a few simple steps, you can remove the Pyron or Tyropit from its cover, and nothing will stand in the way of gathering with friends or family while the flames crackle.

3. green your terrace
Do you still have potted plants hibernating in the cellar or shed? Then it's time to fill your terrace or balcony with life. Place your pot and container plants effectively on planting tables or directly on the terrace or balcony floor. If you like or if your green favorites ask for it, repot them, fill up soil and fertilize them.
Matching floral decorations arranged on the table or in hanging vases also add extra spring freshness. This is how you turn your outdoor area into a decorative eye-catcher that will give you some well-deserved rest after stressful days .

4. set accents with the right lighting
Especially in the evening you like to spend time on the terrace and enjoy relaxing moments in the presence of your loved ones. The appropriate lighting must not be missing. Place your light sources specifically for a pleasant lighting mood. The Feuerhand storm lantern provides individual accents and reliable light. In the colors Pure White, Soft Beige, Moss Green and the fresh shade Sage Green, the Baby Special 276 is ideal for the spring season and provides you with reliable light for up to 20 hours on the terrace or balcony.
Your outdoor living room gets even more freshness with the Feuerhand storm lantern in Sage Green. The trend color Sage Green is a pale green shade for carefree lightness on balcony and terrace. The fresh pastel green with a hint of mint provides modern naturalness and can be combined very well with colors such as Soft Beige or Pure White.
Place the storm lantern directly on your table, for example, on the matching lantern coaster or hang it on the lantern holder around your terrace. The unmistakable flame image lets you forget the stress of everyday life and turns your outdoor living room into an oasis of calm or invites you to socialize - just as you like!
5. color-coordinated design of outdoor living room

Let comfort enter your outdoor living room and create a color-coordinated feel-good atmosphere in fresh spring colors. It's easy to do by arranging textiles to make you feel at home. There are no limits to your creativity: place cushions in your seating area that radiate coziness. Use cozy blankets to enjoy the first cool spring evenings outside. Special outdoor rugs also provide even more comfort and are usually easy to keep clean thanks to their easy-care material.

Enjoy your patio or balcony in the spring and when you feel like changing again, go for it. You can change the look of your patio or balcony at any time with a custom color scheme. Set decorative accents with your lanterns and color-coordinate blankets and cushions. This way you can always create a fresh ambience for carefree hours outdoors.

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