Sturmlaterne Baby Special 276

Trend color beige

Trendfarbe Beige

Beige is the trend - the new Feuerhand Baby Special 276 in soft beige

Flashy colors and the main thing is colorful? Not this winter - Nature is the trend! It's getting quieter in the winter color world. An absolute highlight of the season is the trend color beige. But the subtle tone is guaranteed to be anything but dreary. It blends perfectly into all styles. With soft beige, you really set the scene for your winter garden and patio design. Delicate nuances and warm light are the answer to chilly winter days. This is how you give your outdoor oasis a unique atmosphere.

Whether oriental boho chic, charming natural living style, fairytale cottage magic or Nordic hygge feeling: a touch of nude always fits. Soft beige sets light accents and mild contrasts. This makes it the trend color for an atmospheric and cozy ambience. The natural tone is reminiscent of wide sandy beaches and natural stones - a simple color that grounds and radiates calm. This even allows it to make an appearance in a stylish "all over beige" look. Soft beige is the perfect base for the cool season and conveys comfort, warmth and security. Soft beige harmonizes equally well with rich tones such as Signal Yellow and Ruby Red. Also with contrasting classics such as Pure White, Deep black or bronze it can be ideally combined.

Without a doubt a must-have: The color soft beige is this winter the absolute trend color!

Delicate color and independent light at any time of year: The fire hand Baby Special 276 soft beige.

The awareness of a natural and sustainable way of life is growing. "Back to nature" is no longer a passing fad. Rather, it is a way of life. The Feuerhand storm lantern picks up this awareness of tradition . As an independent light, the Baby Special 276 brings reliable light to patios and balconies. The storm lantern is a self-sufficient lighting, which does completely without electricity. The Limited Edition in soft beige can be integrated into any terrace and balcony design. It reliably provides you with natural lantern light all year round.

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