Sturmlaterne Baby Special 276

Exotic Wanderlust Brick Red

Exotic Fernweh Brick Red

Intense color and quiet flame evoke vacation memories of distant lands - the new Baby Special 276 Brick Red.

The door to the porch opens to reveal a reliable light and soft earth tones. Here, time seems to stand still and the stories of Scheherazade come true. The new Baby Special 276 storm lantern in Brick Red is a splash of color amidst the delicate nuances of boho style and, as a reliable source of light, becomes the perfect complement to the interior style for modern globetrotters.

The boho style as an individual style with many possible combinations.

Borrowed from the ideas of free spirits in the 19th century, bohemian style, or boho for short, is a mixture of styles that can be wonderfully combined with Skandi elements or country house design, expressing individuality and unconventional lifestyle. Furniture close to the floor, rattan and wood play a role as well as soft, organic and round shapes, which are well accentuated by the warm coral red of the lantern. The Brick Red is a splash of color amidst brown, beige, khaki, white and gray, the colors of the Orient, and the lantern's steady flame leads the viewer to a feel-good oasis. Through special souvenirs from various trips can individually emphasize their own style.

Accessories for an atmosphere like in the fairy tales from 1001 nights.

The boho style is also expressed in diverse accessories and decoration, such as macramé, dream catchers, pillows or patterned textiles like kilim rugs. In addition, it can be combined, which opened the heart during the oriental vacation and brings back the globetrotter feeling. The Boho style brings distant cultures to your own balcony or terrace, whether Morocco, India, Africa or China. Precious metals and oriental accents incorporated into the decorations make wanderlust disappear.

Terracotta and earth tones for a cozy chill-out zone.

A chill-out zone with a side stool made of rattan, Turkish tea glasses, a cozy sitting area with a sofa with fringes, piping or tassels let Balcony become Little Marrakesh. Colorfully patterned textiles made of cotton or silk create an oriental atmosphere. A story from 1001 nights, amid palm trees or palm fronds, a tall vase with pampas grass and a low wooden table made of rattan with some Far Eastern delicacies. Illuminated by the warm white light of Baby Special 276 Brick Red, low furniture made of wood or bamboo is placed on kilim rugs with zigzag patterns or geometric shapes. Wild mixes of patterns are popular, whether on seat cushions on the floor or as covers for low seating stools. On the porch, boho lovers unwind in the hammock and enjoy relaxing summer evenings in the warm white light of the storm lantern under the stars.

The Baby Special 276 Brick Red as reliable outdoor lighting

The Baby Special 276 Brick Red is the timeless outdoor lighting Made in Germany and expands the Feuerhand portfolio with another storm lantern with colored powder coating. As a reliable light source, the Baby Special 276 brings up to 20 hours of light to balcony and terrace.

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